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Priti Gohil


I know I look so much better but most importantly, I feel good and I haven’t been ill for about a year and that is since joining UFit Studio. The staff, have rekindled my love of good food, educated me in how to enjoy everything I love to eat! incorporating physical and mental health into my everyday life. 

Ufit has been one of the most consistent things for me to help me through personal health and constant encouragement. They have exceeded expectations with running workshops, challenges and creating that much needed sense of community within Ufit amongst members. I don’t know any gym that does this. 

And that’s why Ufit isn’t a gym it’s a much more than that. It’s difficult to describe it because it’s unique to each member and their journey within Ufit. All I can say is if you’re looking to absolutely make a positive change and you want it bad enough it will happen and you will sustain as I have.

The coaches have been amazing with supporting me through really tough health issues and it’s not a case of I froze my membership and they left me to recover, nope, they stayed in touch more than once a week to make sure I was on the mend and to ensure that I was mentally as positive as I could be but made it ok when I wasn’t. 

If you’re looking to improve your health seriously, then I would suggest giving Ufit a call. I’ve not regretted it at all for one minute at any time. I’m loving how far I have come and looking forward to this year of doing even better!
March 2019
Civil Servant
pounds lost:
Priti Gohil

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