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Meera Pankhania


Prior to UFIT, it’s fair to say that I was grafting both in my work life and family life. I loved my job and my family and I would juggle between the two, striving to always give my best in everything. Working hard, with constant pressure surrounding me, I found comfort in food and I would often treat myself because I thought I deserved it... it was my reward forgetting through the day!  I didn’t notice the subtle changes in my body and general wellbeing but the signs were always there. Difficulty sleeping even though I was so tired, constant headaches, not being able to relax and finding it harder to concentrate.  I was constantly hungry and wanted to indulge in my favourite food because that was my coping mechanism and I had perfected this style of affirmation. I would tell myself it was ok because most middle-aged women put on a bit of weight… it was normal. In this false sense of security, my weight crept up to a staggering 10stone 13llbs… I was nearly 11stone! I remember that day clearly, standing on the scales in disbelief and knew things had to change. I tried to reshape my life, making my health apriority again but it was difficult and I was often too tired and I always found lots of reasons (excuses) not to focus on myself.  I was committed to the cause but I found weight loss so hard. I tried slimming world, weight watchers and even started running but with all this (perceived) effort the results were miniscule and I was left deflated. But joining UFIT in November 2018 was the start of something new…

The journey with UFIT has been truly life changing. An initial 6 week challenge to help me drop a dress size soon transformed into a journey of self-discovery and so much more than just weight loss. I didn’t realise at the time but the team were transforming my mind-set… helping me to acknowledge my bad habits, (I didn’t know I had so many!) I am now in a place where I have honed some healthy habits, enjoy working out and value my health and wellbeing so much more.  Overtime, I have noticed a renewed confidence and my zest for life is back! Ultimately, being fitter and healthier has given me a springboard to being happier and making the right choices in my life so I can be a better version of myself for my family. I will always be grateful to be part of the UFIT family and particularly thankful to Sam, Helen, Heather, Bhav, Luke, Tia, Stefan (and all the previous coaches) for believing in me. Onwards and upwards!

November 2018
Professional Photographer
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Meera Pankhania

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