Come as you are. Whatever makes you you, come as that. We happen to have a great group of people. The best. There is nothing about you or your health that we don’t understand and aren't expertly equipped to help with.


We limit our studio to 100 members. A small family, by design. Never overcrowded, your needs are always met with the attention and unconditional care that can come only from such a special group.


Many places break you down before they bring you back up. Say no to toxic people and toxic environments. With us, start up, stay up, and get higher.


More important than loving others is loving oneself. That’s why you are here. At this level, you’ll be expected to do so fiercely, to have the tenacity when necessary to do what is necessary to lose the weight, add tone and strength, and reach your higher self.



Names are important. Too much damage has been inflicted by commercial gyms and trainers only interested in your money.

This is an health studio. And we prefer “performance and change specialists.” The stakes are much too high not to put you first.

Love that I can still enjoy a glass of my favourite Shiraz on holiday or when out with friends. I don’t feel like I’m missing out”
– Angela J






It’s impossible to climb Everest alone (and not very fun either). Authentic change, inside and out, requires a helping hand. We’re 100 members strong. That’s two hundred hands to push you, pull you, pat you on the back, share the weight, or wait for you at the top with a hug, a high five, or maybe a glass of Shiraz.

Your body is a temple, not a tabloid

Chasing that fad celebrity look? Just don’t. If you want to be fake, join a gym. If you want real results, come to us and those who care.

Be better than a celebrity. Become you.

You’ll fit in!

Gyms can be intimidating. UFit Studio was built to be the opposite. Our friendly, award-winning trainers will push you to achieve your most ambitious goals with compassion. So, come as you are. Fit right in, then fit into your future self.


Training hard and smart is only part of the puzzle. If you skip meals and proper nutrition, it’s impossible to hit peak shape. We help you plan meals and teach you how to eat more, not less, in order to get fast results and to become your very best you.

Media Appearances, Partners and Awards


The UFit philosophy has changed my life for the better without a doubt.


I feel like a whole new person!


No other gym comes close to U Fit.


Best decision I ever made was to join U Fit.


U Fit doesn’t feel like a conventional gym or diet plan; it has become a way of life.


I have an entire new wardrobe, and feel much more confident.


The U Fit team helped me through a difficult life experience.


It’s now a way of life rather than just a gym for me.

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