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Neel Somani


I remember being in a very static, stagnant and frustrated position about a year ago. I was playing football twice a week and going to the gym 2-3 times a week. At the time I considered myself to be pretty knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition.

I picked up a groin injury and my football had to stop so I became less active. While I was surfing the net I came across a transformation by the U Fit studio, of a friend who was 15 years my senior with a lean ‘men’s health’ body. This knocked my back as I had been very active and always conscious of my diet and I had never achieved such a great physique (not through a lack of effort!)

6 months in, I can honestly say I didn’t have a clue about both my training and my dietary needs.

I have relearned how to train and how to eat. This has had knock on implications with my wife and children and even my parents in their 60’s. The fact that my friends and family have joined up too shows my genuine faith in these guys. The U Fit studio personnel are life coaches more than trainers as they promote physical and mental wellbeing and exercise is just a part of it.

It is a family environment and I have made some great friends here at U Fit.
March 2016
Dental Practice Owner
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Neel Somani

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