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Luke Williams


What an 8 weeks I've had! I started out just after the new year weighing in at 93kg and 17% body fat and finished at 84kg and 7% body fat which is the leanest I've ever been.

As I came into the final few days before my shoot I dropped my water intake right down and my carb intake went through the roof and although the lack of water was extremely tough the extra carbs made a huge difference to my energy levels during my last few training sessions. I then really enjoyed the photo shoot, way more than I thought I would so overall had a great last week! 

What I found was it was when I was at home and in social situations where I had to stay strong and fight the devil on my shoulder telling me to just go for it. In some situations it has been really hard to say no. Sometimes it's just knowing the food is there and you try to convince yourself you've earned it and other times it's that social pressure of people saying one drink won't make a difference.

Let me tell you the results and the sense of achievement you get for staying strong and sticking to the plan is huge and outweighs that moment of weakness when you are tempted to splurge.

Overall I'm so happy with the results I have achieved and the mental resilience I showed to stick to my food and training plan!
March 2021
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Luke Williams

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