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Leylah Rumi


Before U Fit I had been through other personal trainers and stopped because I felt unsupported or judged. I was stuck in a rut, my knees were hurting, I didn’t like how I looked anymore, my self esteem was at its lowest and I was suffocating with misery

After U Fit  I feel guided and very supported! Accountability has been my biggest tool. I have developed a can do attitude in all aspects of my life! Let’s put it this way the oxygen mask is on and I am now useful to others in my ! Life is beautiful!

Joining UFit has been a life changing event in my life.

I’ve been with UFit for just over 5 years after experiencing changes in my body in my 30’s I suffered loads of aches and pains and frankly was not very happy with the direction the person in the mirror was going in.

Since joining UFit I’ve transformed into a different person. I am full of energy up for challenges in my personal and work life and generally keep well. My approach and thought processes in general have transformed.

The knowledge of the coaches at UFit is next to none they are very supportive and professional. I benefit a lot from the accountability from my coach. My coach has taught me to think outside the box to form habits and strategies that will last for the rest of my life. I have learnt to adapt very quickly in the most challenging times and as an additional benefit I have developed body confidence I feel I look and feel like a million dollars!
March 2016
Assistant HR Partner
pounds lost:
Leylah Rumi

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