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Want that perfect body? Lack confidence or the know how? These guys are so helpful, knowledgeable and supportive to help you reach your own goals! After one year my only regret.. not joining sooner!

It has given me a positive outlook on life again and I couldn’t be more grateful.

This year I get to celebrate some achievements that I never thought achievable but made possible by the guys at U Fit Studio.

My journey started back beginning of 2015 when I made myself an unofficial New Years resolution to get fit and ditch the fat. I’d had a health check up and the nurse had told me I was clinically fat! Time to do something about it!

I’d visited a number of other gyms but hadn’t taken the plunge until I visited U Fit Studio in Feburary. On Valentine’s Day, whilst ill with a chest infection, I was dragged along to a U Fit seminar to provide support to Debbie Clare Neath. I was sat there listening to Sam Hanney talk about U Fit and what they have done with previous clients. Something resonated within me as I listened and I was

…. I was instantly hooked. Working with Sam, Caroline and Ben over the last year, most notably these last 8 weeks, have been a mental and physical rollercoaster but something I can stand here and feel proud of what I have achieved. The guys have supported, motivated and inspired a sense of self belief that I can do it. Everyone has the potential to do it!

when i first started, all i wanted was to lower my bmi into a normal range, fit a 34″ pair of trousers and get my weight down to 11 stone and today i can say i have surpassed my own expectations.

The two main things I feel proud of that I can take away from this:

1. the obvious – i am fitter and healthier than i have ever been – running for the bus isn’t an issue anymore!
2. the self-confidence and the change in my mental wellbeing is something i didn’t expect. i can hold my head up and feel good about me. it has given me a positive outlook on life again and i couldn’t be more grateful.

March 2015
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Aaron Vogel

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