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You and your gut

You and your gut......
Do you often feel bloated, do you get gas - enough to clear a room?! [I know embarrassing question……..] Are you constipated or get diarrhoea? Do you feel tired and sluggish, unable to get out of bed, feel like you are dragging yourself around?

Our gut is like an environment within an environment (the big environment being our entire body). The gut needs looking after with great care – it is full of bacteria, some good bacteria and some bad bacteria which maybe out of control (i.e. bacterial overgrowth) this is called dysbiosis – if you suffer from bloating and/or gas – you inflate like a balloon shortly after eating – the harmful bacteria are feeding on the food you have just given it – either you belch or if your body follows the digestive system you will pass foul smelling gas!

You might suffer from indigestion, heartburn or GERD – this reduces your body’s ability to digest food. If you suffer from stomach ulcers you may have a bacterial infection know as H. Pylori. If, when you go to the toilet, you notice undigested food in your stool, your body is failing to do its job and digest the food properly.

FATIGUE is potentially caused by harmful bacteria and pathogens creating toxic byproducts that your body must absorb and properly process which leads to an immune response. In many cases of gut dysfunction, this also causes a buildup of inflammation that often finds its way to the brain. As a result, your body is busy using your energy for immune purposes and is less interested in providing you energy to help get you through your day.

It is a very complicated area to look at – any of the symptoms suggested above may be related to gut dysfunction – you may need help from an expert, however, there are some basic principles to follow to start the process of looking after your gut better –

Take a very high colony probiotic (not one from the supermarket – they taste nice but don’t offer much gastro-intestinal support) to repopulate your gut bacteria and give it a helping hand to better process the foods that you throw at it.

Eat as much wholesome and unprocessed food as you can – if you gave your plate of food to someone else would they be able to identify what it was from just looking at it?

Reduce the amount of processed sugary products you eat – to give the bad bacteria less to feed on.

Drink plenty of water per day – approximately 2-3litres – flushing your system taking toxins with it.

Take care with your body – you can become used to feeling less than 100% and thinking that it is normal. At U Fit Studio we help our clients to look, feel and move better.
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Sunday, 22 July 2018