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Too picky with food

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I had been at U Fit for a year and had achieved everything that I had set out to do. I had conquered not only my body shape, but I had also taken control over my food.

However, I had got to the point where I had taken over too much control. Whether eating out or making food at home, I had become meticulous in ensuring that everything that I ate was ‘good' for me.

If there was a chance that something ‘bad' was going to be in my food, or on my plate, I would feel anxiety which would slowly simmer away in the back of my mind.

My coach and I discussed the way that I was feeling and what I could do to change the habit. I realised that I had associated all ‘bad' food with going back to how I was the year earlier, not as healthy. I had not realised that I did not need to continue being so meticulous with my food, that I could allow myself to enjoy food, in moderation.

I found it difficult at first to enjoy foods that were ‘bad', I had spent some time avoiding them, and now I was deliberately making myself eat them. After some time I came to realise that my body was not changing and that the food that I thought was ‘bad' wasn't at all, it was just about eating moderately, which I had not done when I was less healthy.

Everything now is about balance, and now I see all foods as equal. The difference is that I will balance them alongside each other through all my meals. J
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