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Staying in a hotel

Whether it’s a couple of days, or even a week, staying at hotel can be challenging in terms of training.


Whilst it’s often the first thought that training can’t happen, there are some options that might be available to you.


Even before booking, check if the hotel that you are looking at has a gym. It might not have everything that you need, however if you can get as much of your program done as possible it’s still a win.


If the hotel doesn’t have a gym, is there one nearby? Lots of commercial, and private gyms, now allow for daily of weekly passes. A quick google search around your hotel will give you some options to choose from.


If your hotel doesn’t have a gym, or one nearby, you can always do some body weight exercises in your room. Whether it’s squats or even star jumps, some activity is better than none.


Finally, if all else fails, take a walk outside your hotel, take in the sights and get those steps in.
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Sunday, 22 July 2018