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Prawn Cocktail

Prawn cocktail

I love prawns, as you know, and today just fancied them wrapped up in a little sauce.  I like to make my own dressing then I can control what is in it and how much sauce there is.  This took maybe 10 minutes to make and was very very tasty and satisfying.


112g raw king prawns (already peeled, can’t be doing with that!)
85g avocado
15ml mayonnaise (I use the one from Waitrose but it’s your choice)
Shake of Tabasco
1 tsp ketchup (I use Mr Organic, it has no nasties in it)
Lots of pepper, little salt
More huge handfuls of raw spinach, chopped up*


Heat the grill so it’s really hot.  Place the prawns on a tray and stick under the heat for a couple of minutes (mine did in about 3 mins), there’s no need to turn them over either, so less hassle.

In a bowl measure your mayo and ketchup.  Add as much seasoning as you like, I like a bit of spice so the tabasco was on the heavy side for me, but you may want to hold back if you’re not sure – you can always add a bit more!!!!  Add the prawns to the bowl and mix up.

*Easy way to chop lots of spinach – put it in a jug, get a pair of scissors and snip snip away until you have little bits.  It all stays in one place too so much less mess.

Arrange your avocado, spinach and prawns however you like, grind more pepper, and eat.

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