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Knowing is not doing.....

Knowing is not doing…....  If I asked you what you “should” eat for health I know you would know the answer….. but here’s the thing, knowing and doing are two totally different things.

When things get a bit busy in life the thing that generally goes first is our thought of looking after our own health (especially females) - we tend to look outwards and at all those around us that need looking after, children, partners, work colleagues, extended family members – anyone and everyone except us!

Food is a symptom of what is at the base of everything – some of us use it as a reward system – for ourselves, for our children – when the children do something well do you give them food?  I used to – we used to have a sweet cupboard where they could choose something.  I also used food to reward myself – a hard day? have a takeaway…..  children playing up? have some chocolate…..  It is instant gratification.

At no point did I think to make myself a healthy meal as a reward.  From what I know now it would have been an entirely different meal from one I might make now.

Aside from that point, I also “knew” but did not know how to look after myself in terms of exercise – I didn’t allow time in my day for that – it just didn’t hit the radar in terms of importance.

At U Fit Studio Sam, Helen and I help people to find their love for themselves again – to give themselves permission to put themselves at the head of the list some of the time – it is a joy to watch that flourish and develop.  To see that knowledge turn into doing something for themselves, making better food choices, choosing to come to train after a long hard day, making health a priority.

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Sunday, 22 July 2018