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Ghee versus butter


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Ghee is a bit like coconut oil in that it has many different health benefits, but how does it compare to butter?

Unlike butter, the process of making ghee entails the removal of water and milk fats. This makes ghee an excellent alternative for people that suffer from an intolerance or allergy to dairy and milk.

Regarding choice for a healthy option you want to opt for grass-fed ghee, as nutritionally it is denser than farmed cattle.

Compared to butter, ghee has a high smoke point, and this makes it unique as most other high smoke point oils are highly processed.

It is also reported that ghee helps the intake of vitamin A if you have any gut issues. This is because ghee is high in vitamin A, D and E.

Ghee also contains butyrate, a fatty acid that acts as a detoxifier within our colon and is high in vitamin K2. This vitamin helps calcium metabolise in our bodies, keeping our bones healthy.

Finally, the process of making ghee gives it an intensive nutty and even stronger taste than butter, which is why it's been a favourite for many households for years. J