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Food on the go

Planning for the day ahead can be a real challenge when you’re not quite sure what it has in store for you.

Inevitably, when it comes to food, this can be one that stumps a lot of our newer clients.

Whether it’s a meeting on the other side of the country or a day out with the family, everyone at one time or another has been caught off guard. Finding themselves without their home comforts or without the food that they had planned for the day can send some clients in a spin

What is the best plan of action? What are the options and choices do you have?

First things first…. there is no need to panic, there’s a solution to every situation.

Start by breaking down your initial options, is there a quick win?

What about checking ahead where you will be going?

A quick google search can put your mind at ease and give you plenty of information on what to eat, when to eat and where! With so many places now keeping their menus online, you can still plan your food for the day ahead. Search around the location that you know you will be in. Check the menus and select the option that you will enjoy but remember to choose the option that will tick the boxes of what your body needs.

If it’s a day out and there’s no way of knowing where you might be eating. There is still a way of managing this scenario.

Simply, make the best choices that you can!

Think of the portion sizes that you will have discussed with your coach and build your own meals where you can. Whether it’s at a family barbecue or a buffet meal, you can still portion out your food to cover what you need. If a supermarket is the only option, again, think portion sizes and components of a balanced meal where you can.

Life will always catch us of guard and try to throw our best laid plans to one side. With a few ‘plan B’s’ up your sleeve, you can stay on course and enjoy your day away.
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Sunday, 22 July 2018