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Chicken Fajitas

Ingredients for the chicken
Mini chicken fillets (my portion 100g, 700g for the rest of the family!)
Herbs and spices: mixed herbs, smoked paprika, garlic granules, chilli flakes, salt
Red peppers, sliced (1/2 for me, 1 and 1/2 for the rest)
Red onions, sliced vertically (cut the onion in half, stand on its end and slice) (1/2 for me, 1 and 1/2 for the rest)
Olive oil (7g for my portion)

Ingredients for the wrap
26g pure whey protein (unflavoured) – buy it from BulkPowders 1 whole egg
6g psyllium husk – buy it from BulkPowders50ml almond milk
Salt and pepper to taste
Mixed herbs – 1 teaspoon (it may look a lot but it doesn’t overwhelm the flavour)
4g Coconut oil – for frying the wrap

Optional extras (I had everything!)

Avocado slices (52g)
Grated cheddar cheese (27g)
Sour cream (30ml)
Cherry tomatoes

To make the wrap mix measure the protein into a bowl, add the mixed herbs and salt & pepper, mix.  Break the egg into the mix and combine – slowly add the almond milk until you get a pancake type consistency.   Heat the frying pan with the coconut oil and pour in mix.  I finished mine off under the grill so I didn’t have to turn it over.  Once it is cooked, leave to cool in the pan and it will slide out!

Heat the pan with the oil, add the onions and peppers cook until a little soft.  Add the chicken fillets – depending on how many you have in the pan and the size of your pan these should take about 10 mins to cook through.  Once they are nearly cooked add the herbs and spices, stir well.  Use your wooden spoon to break up the chicken until it is all shredded.  I put this in the oven to keep warm while I prepared the rest of the bits to go with the dish.

Stick it all on the table in little bowls for everyone to make their own meal!
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