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Here at the U Fit Studio we’re all about our members – they are the centre of everything we do. Here is what some of our members have to say about us:

“At U Fit Studio the teams primary concern is helping each member to achieve their individual goal and be the best part of their members day, every day.”

“No other gym has ever made me feel so welcome or their personal trainers worked so tirelessly in their pursuit to help me reach my goal. The team are so friendly and encouraging. It really is like being part of one big happy family.”



Program Design Director Performance & Change Specialist

My passion is to help our clients achieve their goals.

Having spent many hours attending courses and internships with the best in the industry, my aim is to give our clients at U Fit my best every day.   These courses have made me a better coach and I have worked with hundreds of clients to help them to transform not only their bodies but their lives.

However when it comes to telling you more about myself, I can’t think of anyone better qualified to comment than our members! Here is what they have to say about me:

“Someone who has helped me improve my health and overall mindset immeasurably through his unique coaching skills. Total dedication to get you through any perceived barriers and challenge your limiting beliefs.” – Ricky Chauhan.

“Sam is motivational, supportive, dedicated in providing the best service and most importantly a good listener an inspirational coach.” – Lynn Randall.

“A coach with a wealth of knowledge, showing compassion and giving encouragement at just the right time. He has an uncanny ability to think outside of the box in order to help you achieve potentials not even you thought possible.” – Peter Gilbert

“Always ready to help and makes us believe in ourselves, goes that extra mile to help, very motivating pushing you to your limits.” – Daksha Pancholi

“A coach whose focus is to help you achieve your goals whatever they are and however long they take. A rock of support always.” – Claire Gilbert.

“A coach who goes an extra mile to ensure the client goals are achieved.  He invests a lot of time in his clients. His coaching skills, programme designing and nutrition guidance is par excellence. Truly motivational, loyal, supportive, warm and inspiring. Enhances the confidence levels in his clients which bring out a lot of positivity. He has been my coach since 2009!” – Vimal Thakrar.

Motivates and instils confidence to help us believe in ourselves more. He is the right balance of fun/energetic and assertive to get the very best out of us by constantly pushing us hard whilst building a warm unit within the Studio.” – Shital Patel.

“A man with sincere interest in clients and a desire to help them, walking the talk and modelling a good life for his clients who has broad vision with focus on important details.” – Priti Odedra.

Shows a genuine concern for his clients’ well-being in and away from the Studio Makes all clients feel like they matter. Appreciates that every client is different and therefore motivates and encourages each one in the way best suited to him or her.” – Krishna Kotecha-Ruparelia.

In pursuit of those answers, I’m constantly seeking to further develop my expertise in nutritional science and fitness. As I grow personally, so does U Fit Studio, ensuring we continue to provide you with not only the very best gym in Leicester but also the very best personal trainers Leicester has to offer.




Performance & Change Specialist

“My passion is to empower, educate and inspire people to change”

As a former client here at U Fit Studio I am in a unique position of having been on “the other side”!  I have not always known what it is like to be fit and healthy, I have been that person who tried so many different ways over the years to lose weight, ending up feeling totally out of control!  I always ended up heavier than before.

In April 2014, a few days before I was 40 I joined U Fit Studio.  I quickly achieved the results I was looking for at the time.  Since then I have evolved into the person I am today.   I learned how to eat well, train, and — most of all — enjoy my life.  There are no short cuts to sustainable weight loss, just consistency and having fun along the way.  This combination of nutrition, training, and fun became a passion for me, and I knew I wanted to help others experience the same.

Here are a few comments from some of our member at U Fit about me:

“Is a coach who quickly becomes a friend, counsellor, nutritionist and health advisor. Is truly the font of all knowledge. A remarkable coach with a positive attitude and an amazing ability to encourage and inspire even when the results of the InBody are grim!” – Krishna Kotecha-Ruparelia.

“Precision, Detail and Drive! Smiling and a stickler for correct form, Caroline shows just how your goals can be achieved! And always happy to supply you with an awesome foodie suggestion!” – Peter Gilbert.

Inspirational and very positive attitude, lots of knowledge on nutrition, very patient and a perfectionist.” – Daksha Pancholi.

Enthusiastic, supportive and makes time to listen and hear what the individual client wants.” – Lynn Randall.

“A leader by example, walking recipe book and a woman with a can do, positive attitude that rubs off and brings out the best in you.” – Priti Odedra.

“UFitter’s very own version of a Mary Poppins bag!! No end helpful knowledge and full of nutrition advice, health tips and ways to focus on the important stuff! Totally supportive and encouraging and a real inspiration.” – Shital Patel.

“Another inspirational coach with a very positive attitude. Warm and supportive. Brings a wealth of knowledge on nutrition to the team and again is always there for you. Positive, warm and a perfectionist.” – Vimal Thakrar.

“A girl who can! Travelled along her own U Fit journey so knows what you are going through. U Fit’s very own Queen of Food.” – Claire Gilbert.

Inspirational character and infectious personality. Knows how to squeeze an extra percent of effort from you when you don’t think it’s possible.” – Ricky Chauhan.



Performance & Change Specialist

My passion is to help people find their potential.

I’ve been to a few gyms in Leicester before but never to one like U Fit Studio.

When I arrived three years ago it was the first step in a journey that took me to the person that I could only dream of being today.  I had bounced from diet to diet for several years, not seeing results and not understanding how I could make a change.

Being a member of U Fit helped me change not only my body but also my mindset and ignited my passion in all things fitness related.

My journey from client to coach has not only given me an insight into how change feels it has also given me a passion to learn and share that knowledge with others.

My drive is to help others see their own potential just as I have found mine.





We've Got Your Back Team Manager

“My passion is to lead by example – To make the impossible possible”

Being a client myself allows me to see things from a unique perspective.  I can understand what it is like to be a client.  We are all different, face different challenges and goals and are at different stages of our journey.  Going through my own journey, I know that helping others is what I wanted to do.

I joined U Fit studio in March 2016, unhappy, fed up and wanting to change.  I knew I needed someone to keep me motivated and accountable to my goals.

8 months in and I am the happiest, fittest and healthiest I have ever been.  As my journey continues to evolve, I am becoming the person I am now and will be in the future.

Here are a few comments from some of our clients at U Fit about me!

“An embodiment of the U Fit philosophy. Great character and determination to succeed (can’t get close to her in the FitBit challenges )” – Ricky Chauhan

“Shows us all what we can achieve if we want it bad enough”. – Claire Gilbert

“Always smiling and positive with a friendly nature”. – Daksha Pancholi

“Not so much interaction as yet but clearly persistent to achieve her goals..with great results!!!!” – Sheetal Patel

Friendly, approachable and extremely competitive. Living proof that hardwork and consistency get you excellent results.” Priti Odedra

“Only met once but was approachable, very friendly and helpful. Will clearly be a huge asset to the Studio.” – Krishna Kotecha-Ruparelia.

“Always ready to help, with a cheerful smile, a happy attitude, and a ton of kick-ass motivation! An essential part of the UFit Family” – Peter Gilbert