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When you have been trying for many years to lose weight unsuccessfully – and by that I mean keep the weight off not just yo-yo in and out of dieting and have tried every diet under the sun – with it working for a bit, and then failing– or one that is so extreme that you just can’t keep it up (I tried a juice diet once – I was supposed to just have juices for 72 hours or something crazy like that – I managed 4 hours before I was so hungry and had such a headache I couldn’t take it anymore) there is such a mountain of failure that you would be forgiven if you gave up.

Every time I tried to lose weight it failed, with failure upon failure I pretty much gave up and resigned myself to being overweight. I was also convinced that if I ate less or basically gave up eating then it would work – now yes it would work to a degree but as soon as you fall off the wagon the weight will pile back on. I had had enough but I didn’t know how to do anything different. Where was I to go and what was I to do?

Being introduced to U Fit Studio was the start of the weight loss and sustainable lifestyle that I now live.

How though? I had to learn to trust. Trust my coach. Trust that he knew what he was doing. Trust that his past experience would work for me – when he started talking about eating more (rather than less) and that my body would be able to cope with it and I wouldn’t pile the pounds back on (which had obviously happened before) I had to swallow hard and just go with it. I was actually amazed when it worked! (He wasn’t by the way).

Now when I sit down with a new client – I can relate to their feelings of anxiety and concern, and am able to share with them my own experience of how the way we work here at U Fit Studio works. It isn’t magic, but it feels like it. To be released from the treadmill (literally and metaphorically) of dieting, starving, bingeing, weight gain and weight loss is so freeing.

The feeling of being in control of your own body – and for my clients it is sometimes the first time in their lives that they feel like that – is amazing.

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