Jaymini's U Fit Journey - Chapter Seven | U Fit Studio

 The end of the 6 week challenge.

I can’t believe how quickly the past 6 weeks have gone, and just when I was really getting into the swing of things the challenge has come to an end. I had got into the habit of preparing 2/3 days food on a Sunday and my steps were also higher than what I started, although I still wasn’t reaching the set target of 15,000. The final day had arrived and it was the moment of truth and time to see if my hard work had paid off and see if my size 14 jeans would go up past my knees…much to astonishment, they DID!! I also found out I lost 11 lbs and 8 inches throughout the 6 weeks, which really shocked me. I knew I looked different, however I didn’t realise it would be almost a stone in weight loss.

The 6 weeks were more than solely weight loss/ getting into my jeans for me. I went home that evening and really thought about what I had learnt about myself…

  • I am capable of achieving what I set out
  • I am able to stick to a routine in terms of nutrition and strength training
  • I need to believe in myself
  • I can lose more weight

I decided it felt right for me to join U Fit as a member and I went in the following Monday to sit down with Sam and discuss membership plans, my future goals and any questions I had about joining! I was SO excited, but really nervous at the same time.