Guest Blog - U Fit Intern Helen Gribble | U Fit Studio


I’ve spent a large amount of my adult life living without a watch, and yet I was always a person that said “I just don’t have enough time!”, “How can I fit this all in?” or “ Other people have time, I don’t”.


My perception of time has always been a little bit tilted. Ask my better half what my perception of time looks like, and the silent response will speak volumes. Everything always looks huge and urgent, and every task is as important as the next, and deserves as much of my time. I was often rushing from one task to the next, always on the run. The reality is that this way of living can’t be sustained and inevitably, there comes a point where I have to assess and ask myself; “What time do I really have?”


If I think back to life before UFit, my language was the same; “Go to the gym four times a week?!?!? Aint nobody got time for that!”


In the early days of my time at UFit I asked myself  “ I need to get the most out of the time I have here, how can I do that?”  Need was the key work, I looked at my time and thought about what I needed to achieve my goals, and compared that to what I would like.


I wanted to lose weight, and for me that meant I needed to train three or four times a week; when what I would like to do is hang out with friends.


I really wanted my body to feel better, which meant needingto find the time to prepare my meals; when what I would like to do is play the Playstation!


It’s amazing that when you start to look at these terms how easy it is to create time that you never knew existed. I could make the gym four times a week and see my friends on a rest day. My food was ready every day, whilst my time on the PlayStation reduced from 5 hours to just the one (gutted).


These were adjustments in time that I needed to achieve my goals.


Juggling other parts of life that screamed for time is a tricky one, family, friends, that special person in your life, they all need room too. Communicating and explaining what your needs are and why you need the time can help a long way towards creating space. Our friends, family and loved ones ultimately want us to be happy and when they understand what you need to achieve this, you will be surprised at their support and what time they will give you.


As new goals emerge different adjustments have to be made and, like a lot of things in life, it takes time. It’s a balancing act that requires a lot of skill and if I am honest, one that I’m still learning to master on a weekly basis. What has helped me a long way is wearing a watch!


Talking of which, I would love to stay and chat longer on the subject, but I just don’t have the time!

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