Going on holiday - how do you prepare? | U Fit Studio

The sunscreen, check. Sunglasses, check. Bikini, check.

I am ready for my holiday.

I would start the holiday process at least three months before. The aim of the game would be to try and cut out as much food as possible to get into the holiday clothes. I would deprive myself of all the foods that I enjoyed with the goal of getting into the bikini that I had bought.

More than that, I would rope friends and family in to helping me achieve my target.

I would ask colleagues to remind me that the holiday date was near so that if I considered a donut at work I wold hear… “Helen, think about your holiday”. I would create a sense of guilt around food for myself.

Sometimes my efforts would be rewarded and I would hit my target. Off I would go on holiday annnddddd……all hell would break loose. I would eat enough food on a daily basis to struggle to float in the pool….!! I would spend the entire holiday making up for ‘lost time’ (eating). Inevitably I would come home even bigger than before I booked the darn holiday. L

Since joining U Fit I’ve been on my honeymoon – a beautiful thirteen days all-inclusive. I didn’t spend months running up to it living on water and lemons. My coach at U Fit had taught me how to eat balanced meals which included the foods that I enjoy. I didn’t ever feel deprived or feel that, to fit into my bikini, I needed to feel guilty about what I ate.

I enjoyed my honeymoon and I didn’t go crazy and binge eat on a daily basis. I allowed myself to have what I wanted – the difference was that I didn’t want to make up for ‘lost time’ as there was nothing to make up for.

I have another holiday booked next month and I have never been more relaxed getting ready for it.

The sunscreen, check. Sunglasses, check. Bikini, check.

Smile, Check!

Now I’m ready for my holiday.