Form and Technique over Load | U Fit Studio

I’d been training for a while and I was feeling pretty good about myself. I’d managed to move up to the big-boy weights and was lifting like the people on Instagram. I felt great, I felt strong, I felt that I was finally the bee’s (much stronger) knees!!

One session with my coach later and things had changed. I had been training on my own and had increased my weights without my coach checking my form. It turned out that my technique was all wrong. My coach explained why my positioning was out of place and what I needed to do to correct it. The result was that my weights had to come down. ☹

At first, I was disappointed and frustrated, after all surely the point was to lift the heaviest weight possible?!

My coach explained to me that proper form would help me lift heavier in the future and that incorrect technique would leave me open to injury. It would take twice as long to re-teach my body the correct positions and therefore would stop my progress.

Reluctantly I picked up the lighter weights and took my coaches directions. As much as I hate to say it……he was right. After only a couple of sessions I could feel the difference. It turned out that using the correct form I could reach the correct muscle group and in turn developed my body in a different way.

Now, when training alone or with a coach, I check in on how the weight feels and how my body is reacting. If the incorrect muscle is engaging, I will take the weight down myself and ensure that my body moves to the correct position. Using this approach over the years has helped me to truly appreciate how my body can develop safely and with proper form. 😊