Follow Danielle's Journey from Size 14 to Size 6. | U Fit Studio

Today we continue the inspirational story of Danielle. Throughout the year, Danielle will share her amazing story of transformation as she explains how she went from a size 14 to a size 6, changed her mindset, training and nutrition, and lost over 2 stone in weight.

June 2015

I saw an advert for U fit studio in a local magazine and was instantly drawn to its claims, values and culture it promoted and the amazing results it produced. I booked straight in for my free ‘Strategy session’. I went along and met with a coach and really wasn’t prepared for the type of questions I would be asked by him and the emotions it would draw out, lasting long after I came away from the session.

Instead of talking to me about diet plans and exercise regimes, which I think is what I was expecting, it was a conversation designed to draw out my true reasons for wanting to make a change, which at the time I don’t think I even knew myself (or wanted to admit).

The 90 minute session was all about ME and that in itself I found challenging, I am not someone who likes to be the centre of attention, a natural introvert I prefer to be on the outside looking in, an observer, never to be the main topic and to have to actually talk about my feelings. I like to be the one to ask the questions, sit back and listen! It was an uncomfortable conversation to say the least but looking back it was most certainly the very first step of my journey, a catalyst for change. At the time though I just wasn’t ready, wasn’t prepared to admit I needed help, so I walked away with a determination to do it alone and used the membership cost as an excuse not to join.