Bhavisha's Journey | U Fit Studio

When you meet Bhavisha now you will not believe that the last sentence in this blog applies to her!!!!

I’m really happy this week, I lost 4lbs last week and my measurements were down. I made a plan about my food prep and actually did it. I love using the picture of the plate portion as it helps me to focus and know exactly how much I am meant to have. I’m still at work doing my steps thinking, am I hungry, do I need to eat. Now I am hungry more than I have been, I actually wake up now and want to eat breakfast.

The more time I spend at U Fit the more comfortable I feel in myself and I can tell this as I am starting to talk more to other members, I didn’t really talk a lot to them because I felt embarrassed of how I looked and didn’t really want to spend time with other people.

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