Bhavisha's journey continues | U Fit Studio

This week has been a week full of mix emotions. So something happened to me this week which I never thought that ever would. To be honest I had never even thought about it. I now I have changed a lot about myself, with the way I see things, do things, come across.

I was on my break at work and I received a message from Sam asking if I was free to talk….I thought this was odd but I was free, we spoke and he offered me a job at U Fit! The amount of things that went through me head at that moment but I knew I had to say yes.

OMG is this actually happening!! Knowing now that I am going to leave where I am working is actually really sad for me. I have made some really good friends, I actually really enjoyed working there and Boots was a start for change for me but I know for me this will be the best thing.