Bhavisha's journey | U Fit Studio

No matter how many steps I do my target just does not seem to be going down. I’ve got about 2 months to get this in the bag. Like I said I have been doing between 17,500 – 20,000 but it still doesn’t seem enough.

I’ve been parking a little bit further way from work to get my steps in and I have also been going out on my breaks as much as I can just to get them in. People at work as me why I just don’t stop but you know what, Ive come so far since I started and I don’t think I could just stand around anymore. Plus on my days off waking around Watermead really helps, it’s so beautiful there and I can easily get 12,000 steps.

Walking helps me clear my mind, keeps me active and I love working to a target so I will walk till it is done!!! One of the good things about the Fitbit is the challenges, so I guess I’ll need to do another one soon just to make this fun.