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I had my one2one this week and it made me realise that losing lbs isn’t the only way to know you are losing fat. You might be thinking what do I mean by this. So once I did my weight and measurements I found out that I didn’t lose weight but I have lost inches and body fat. Before starting here I thought it was really all about weight loss and to be honest up until recently I thought thats what it was. However talking to Sam and understanding how everything is tracked is a real eye opener.

When I started I was 13st4lbs and I thought I just need to be 9st, why because I thought that was all that mattered. However I was also at 50% body fat….50%!!! So watching this go down ever other week has been something else. At the beginning I never noticed the inches go down but now I do start to feel a little change each week.

So bring on another good week, a loss of lbs, inches or body fat whatever it will be I can’t wait. I love the way it feels that everything I have been doing is paying off and it’s not by doing it an unhealthy way. Changing the mindset, the ti