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What is Food?

Happy Sunday everyone. Here is the next blog from Helen Gribble! It might seem like a simple question, what is food? You might say it’s something that we eat…silly!! The truth is that it’s much more than that. Food is the source of the energy that we need to get our...

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Whole Grains

Here is the next blog from Coach Helen Gribble! Enjoy If you had a list of foods in front of you, could you pick out which ones were whole grains? While we might know that they are good for you, what are they and why are they good for us? The name whole grain is given...

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Are You a Worrier?

Here is the next blog from Coach Helen Gribble – Enjoy! Are you a worrier? Do you find yourself mulling over the small details of something that needs completing? Sometimes the smallest aspect of our life can be made from a molehill into a mountain after a solid...

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Here is the next blog from Coach Helen Gribble! Enjoy! Peanuts. While they cause the highest amount of allergies in the world…if you love them, like me, they’re  a great way to snack. While they are commonly thought of as nuts, they are in fact legumes and grow under...

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